A brand is much more than just looking pretty.  

The core of a brand is picking the message you want to communicate to a potential customer. The right message will help tell the story of your product, set you apart from competitors, and convince a customer to purchase.

Creating a brand around your food is not just for the big guys. You are competing for customer attention whether it’s your first farmer’s market, or your product is already on store shelves. There are lots of options out there, so why should someone pick up your product?

Let me be your brand director and help you craft your message. Brand strategy is the game plan to make your brand engaging, unique, and relevant to your target customer. Let’s built the tools so you can feel empowered to continue building your brand as your business grows. I can help you implement your unique brand positioning across design media to make sure every customer touch point is telling a cohesive and compelling story. 


CPG Co-Founder + Designer

My name is Lisa and I’ve always had a passion for food. It started with a food blog in college and has now evolved into a full career in the food industry.

I’ve held several design roles in the Bay Area but decided to pursue my passion for food and co-founded a plant-based popsicle company. As the creative lead, I developed the brand strategy and visual style guide to bring our product to market. 

I use my behind the scenes experience running a CPG startup along with my design background to help makers and small businesses develop their brand.  Running a business in the food industry can be competitive, so I want to create as much value as possible to help you grow.