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Why Brand Strategy Matters in the Food Industry

To succeed in the food industry, you need more than just taste.

Creating a brand around your food is not just for the big guys. You are competing for customer attention whether it’s your first farmer’s market, or your product is already on store shelves. There are lots of options out there, so why should someone pick up your product?

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What is a Creative Brief?

And why you need one when you work with a designer.

The world of design remains a mystery for many business owners. With the importance of brand and design in the success of companies, I want to help you become familiar with the process.

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Video Series

What is Brand Strategy

For my first video I want to start with the foundation - brand strategy.

When you start a company you hear you need to invest in brand, but it can be confusing to figure out what that means and how to get there. 

Check it out and learn more about brand strategy.

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Why You Need a Target Customer

Do you want loyal fans?

YES! of course you do.

Then don't be everything to everyone. Figure out who exactly is your target customer and speak to them specifically.

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How To Find Out Who Is Your Current Customer

Do you know who is buying your product? 
Figuring out your current customer can be a little tricky with retail sales. I'm sharing some cheap and easy ways to dive deeper and learn more about your current customer. 

Check out for some customer research tips!

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