Brand Consulting

Brand strategy is the game plan to make your brand engaging, unique, and relevant to your target customer. Let’s built the tools so you can feel empowered to continue building your brand as your business grows.


Brand Strategy

This is the foundation upon which we build all future assets. This comprehensive document will serve as a reference point to make sure all future content and visuals are in line with your unique voice and story.

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Brand Audit

Let’s see how your brand doing right now. This is an overall analysis of how much of the original brand intent is coming through and what alternative messages consumers may be picking up.

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Using a brand strategy ensures cohesive messaging that appeals to your target market and serves as a reference point for all future content. You probably have all these ideas floating around your head, but need help pulling it all together. Let’s work together to start building the base of an awesome brand!

What is a brand strategy?

The brand strategy is the game plan to make your brand engaging, unique, and relevant to your target customer. You are leveraging your unique differentiators and advantages to communicate your value to consumers. This is the foundation upon which all other consumer-facing content is built.

Why do you need a brand strategy?

A brand strategy helps you communicate with your customers more efficiently. It gives you a clear picture of who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to say it. The more focused the messaging, the more likely you are to attract new customers and convert them to loyal fans.

A brand strategy is the foundational tool that gives direction for your marketing and design collateral. Coming to these projects with a clear idea of what you want to say, will make the whole process easier. It helps you articulate your distinction from competitors in the market and highlight your unique offering.

What should I expect with brand strategy?

First, I want to understand your company on a deeper level and see how far you’ve come in defining categories within a brand strategy. I’ll then research the competitive landscape and your target customer and start identifying opportunities for you to stand out in the market. Then it’s the fun part! We’ll do a brainstorm session together to extract any other great ideas you and start refining the messaging. All of this research and ideas will be used to create your unique mission statement, target customer, key differentiators, brand voice, and more. We can go more in-depth with things like a competitor analysis or target customer profiles depending on what would be useful to you. In the end, you will get an easy to read document as a tool to build your awesome brand!

Let’s see how you are doing right now. This is an overall analysis of how much of the original brand intent is coming through to consumers. I’ll also analyze what alternative messages they may be picking up. This is a great checkpoint to see how your brand is performing.

Why do you need a brand audit?

Consistent and compelling messaging means you spend less bringing in new clients and your current clients stay longer. Creating a brand that engages with consumers on an emotional level develops more loyal fans and that means more referrals to their friends more sales for you.

Inconsistent messaging confuses consumers and they’ll easily lose interest and move on.

You want them to quickly understand who you are, what your company is about, and get on board. Clear and cohesive brand messaging is how you get there.

What is a brand audit?

A brand audit is a checkup for your company. It evaluates how you are performing in the various components that make up a brand to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Are customers getting the message you think you are giving them? Do they understand all of what makes you special?

What should I expect with a brand audit?

We’ll take a look at your positioning, messaging, brand values, visual appearance, and customer experience then compare these findings to market trends and competitors. You will receive a detailed report identifying your brand’s strengths and weaknesses plus suggest changes to improve your performance. The depth and detail can be tailored to your resources and time. We can review your current brand strategy, marketing plan, marketing collateral, competitive landscape, customer profiles,  online presence, and retail presence.

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