Packaging art direction, marketing collateral, illustration, and website design

I art directed packaging and designed all marketing collateral for Izza Pops. This includes the digital presence with a custom website design and illustrations for social media content. Print graphic design projects included sell sheets, business cards, demo and trade show materials, and more. These multiple touch points worked together to tell a cohesive brand story and helped customers learn more about the product.

Earth-Table-Print-Collateral Design.jpg

Logo design, packaging design, And Marketing Collateral

For Earth Table, I did the logo design, packaging design, and marketing collateral. This included templates for a spice label, postcard insert, box sticker, and influencer assets. Packaging assets were designed for 5 box SKUs for the initial launch and easily updated for future SKUs as offerings are expanded.

Greenes-Cannabis-Co-Packaging Design.jpg

Packaging Design and Illustration

This packaging design would stand out against the competition and speak to a more sophisticated female buyer. The central element of the jar label is a botanical illustration of the cannabis plant and uses white along with the rich jewel tones create balance.